Thornbury children had fun and helped raise money by following a scarecrow trail round the town.

Thirty-two scarecrows, all depicting storybook characters, were placed in people's gardens and in other locations around Thornbury, with children tasked with finding them all and working out who they were supposed to represent.

Several of the scarecrows needed repairs following strong winds over the last couple of weeks.

The trail was organised by Friends of Manorbrook with trail maps and answer sheets on offer for £2.

Money raised will be split between the school, who are looking to purchase an interactive white board, and Ezzy's Wish to Walk.

Ezzy Hodge started at Manorbrook in September. Her family are looking to raise £20,000 so she can return to America for more surgery that will help her walk independently.

Any completed entries must be returned to Manorbrook by 3.30pm on March 22 to go into the prize draw to win a £25 book token.

Have a look at our gallery to see if you can work out who the scarecrows represent and what book they are from. (Answers in the picture captions)