Prof. Williams and Colin Gardner ( whilst vaguely critical of Government housing policy, local councillors, et al, focus particularly on Cllr Matthew Riddle, the recent leader of the Conservative controlled South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

Question: why should the Riddle family be denied the opportunity of taking advantage of development possibilities as other land owners to the E of the town have done since the 1960s.

My own understanding, is that Cllr. Riddle has behaved in a perfectly professional manner as a member of SGC and his critics, I think should have directed their ire at Local Planning Policy over the last four decades rather than at a leading Local Authority Councillor and his family’s land ownership.

If it can be seen that a councillor’s professional behaviour is exemplary, then his personal circumstances are simply not in the public interest and SGC were quite correct to deny the FOI application.

SGC in its entirety should however explain why they have consistently failed to develop approved Town Plans.

It is for this reason and this reason alone that the development of Thornbury is such a mess. Spatial Plans if I recollect correctly were not even conceived of until after Park Farm and Thornbury Fields were on the table.

I also recollect that Local Authority’s, nation-wide, adopted an attitude of nimbyism impeding local housing development and it was for this reason that Government created regulations that would facilitate developers in their quest to increase housing supply.

SGC being aware of a conflict of interest would I have thought placed Cllr Colin Hunt in charge, he is after all the Executive Member of the Council responsible for Planning, Transport and the Strategic Environment.

Thornbury Town Council should also explain why they have resisted development to the west of the town.

A corollary that the historic development of the town can be seen as typical of a sea side urban plan is simply ludicrous.

Michael Neale