A SCHOOL in North Yate has been establishing links with the community in a hope of making the area a better place for people to live.

Brimsham Green School has been a pillar of the community for decades, with students at the school now taking part in numerous different events and schemes to help the Yate area.

Pupils have taken part in litter picks, provided support for a primary school's welly walk and also visited a number of schools in the area.

On their trips to schools, students have helped young children with their reading and writing skills.

Most recently a number of Brimsham students visited St Mary's Primary to help assist in their lessons.

These different schemes have come about as the school encourages its students to focus on a different value that the school has.

The most recent value has been 'Respect' and as part of their House Council's the pupils were encouraged to come up with ideas how they can implement the value.

The councils, made up of select students from the school, then came up with ideas how they could show respect in the community and have already implemented their schemes.

Numerous litter picks have already taken place, but students have also helped to establish links with a food bank in the area, explored the idea of volunteering at a residential home and also worked with a charity that aims to help the homeless in Bristol.

When visiting Brimsham to learn about the schemes, student informed the Gazette: "We want to help the community because we will be inheriting in in the future, so it is good to look after it now."