PEOPLE at leisure was the theme in this month's Tyndale Photography Club competition.

Entries in what was the final monthly competition of the club's season were judged by Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA.

He began by saying how much he enjoyed meeting people at the North Nibley based club, and looking at the photographs they produce.

He explained how he had judged the competition entries; he looked at each image for about four seconds giving a mark out of twenty and then having 'judged' each image he them gave a second look and scrutinized them in more detail adjusting his original mark, if necessary.

In his second viewing he gave particular attention to composition, narrative power, creativity and impact.

He had a very busy evening as there were 25 prints of an open subject and 46 projected images on the set subject 'People at Leisure' to judge and comment on.

Bob spoke for several minutes on each entry giving fair and constructive criticism to the photographer. His 'hints and tips' on where maybe an image could have been improved upon were much appreciated by everyone present.

Christine Ryske gave the vote of thanks.

The results are as follows:

Prints: 1st – In Trouble Again – Jenny Fryer LRPS; 2nd - Moonlight Fantasy – Jenny Fryer LRPS; 3rd – Ploughed Fields – Elizabeth Restall ARPS.

Project Images Division Two: 1st – Tyndale Jogger – Steve Varman LRPS; 2nd – It's a long walk – Gloria Pritchard; 3rd – Recharging Batteries – Steve Varman LRPS.

Project Images Division One: 1st – Over the Hill – Jenny Fryer LRPS; 2nd – The Great British Summer – Brian Wetton; 3rd – Teeing Off – George Ryske.

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