The Princess Royal, Princess Anne attended a very special event to mark the 50 year anniversary of Concorde's maiden British flight.

An event on April 9 celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Concorde's first flight over British soil.

Concorde took off from Filton Airfield on that same day 50 years ago and it was there that a gala dinner was held.

Princess Anne was in attendance as well as hundreds of other distinguished guests.

Concorde landed for the final time at the airfield in November 2003 and it was the pilot that day, Captain Les Brodie that operated the controls and lights, the first time they had been used in 16 years.

Professor Iain Gray CBE, Chair of Aerospace Bristol, said “I am most grateful to Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Patron of Aerospace Bristol, for so kindly accepting our invitation to join us in celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Concorde. The iconic Concorde was an engineering marvel, developed far ahead of its time by talented engineers working on the cutting-edge of 1960s technology.

"Through our exhibition, inspiring workshops for schools, and Concorde50 events, it is this spirit of innovation that Aerospace Bristol aims to ignite in the engineers of the next fifty years and beyond, encouraging the young people of today to develop the big ideas of tomorrow.”

Katherine Bennett, Senior Vice President Airbus, said: “Concorde has a special place in Airbus’ heart and history,

"Many of its innovations, from electronic flight controls to anti-skid braking systems, helped inform future aircraft designs. We also maintained the aircraft at Filton for more than 10 years after its final flight.

“To see the aircraft once again at the centre of celebration, helping inspire the next generation of engineers, is fantastic, particularly as we are fast approaching Airbus’ own 50 year milestone which is a celebration of everyone who has the courage to bold and improve things, just as Concorde did.”