IT was a sad breakfast in the Light house when we read of the death of Donald Walker, so correctly described as “much loved Master Baker of Stroud” indeed he was.

Neither of us knew Mr Walker but we were regular visitors to the bakers and truly relished its products.

We have a regular routine when we arrive in Stroud on a Saturday morning. We head up Cornhill at a pace consistent with my advanced years.

Penny becomes impatient and races ahead, telling me “I am off to get my favourite buns”.

I continue to plod up the hill and am met at the top by a glowing Penny.

Obviously she has been successful.

Before we end our exploration of the market delights a look in Walker’s wondrous window is engineered.

Fortunately Mrs Light always relents, forgets my medical history and I come home with a teatime treat.

This column has mentioned the wondrous Cotswold bakeries before.

I could be writing about Halls, Hobbs House, Widetts in Cirencester, Huffkins or the several in Wotton under Edge high street.

I note that this county’s leading columnist (you know the one who writes in a glossy magazine) writes with joy about Huffkins being situated in John Lewis, Cheltenham.

He is especially partial to Lardy cake.

This does not surprise me as he was brought up in Yorkshire, which compared to Gloucestershire is a confectionary desert.

You must be glad you have moved Mark.

When I played cricket thigh pads were unheard of.

I thought often of placing a square block of Lardy cake in my cricket flannels pocket. It would certainly take the pressure of the cricket ball thudding into my left thigh. I wish I had tried it. Memories of the brusing are still with me.

RIP Mr Walker, thank you for so many delights and good wishes to our other many Cotswold bakeries.

You offer a splendid service and one that is far too tempting. I have some leeway because my heart surgeon says I am allowed occasional treats. Every Saturday I hope!