Two prominent members of Sodbury Town Council paid tribute to those they have worked with, as they announced their plans to step down after a combined time of over 30 years.

Paul and Wendy Whittle, 80 and 79 and residents of Sodbury for 35 years, have been a huge part of the development of Sodbury’s history for well over a decade.

Paul was co-opted on to the council 20 years ago, whilst Wendy was elected 13 years ago.

Now though they are deciding to officially retire.

“We are getting older and the time is right for us to step down,” Wendy said.

“We feel it is important for young people to come on to the council.”

“We never really had a retirement,” Paul added.

“Both of us got to retirement age and then we joined the council so we have never really had any time to step away.”

Wendy and Paul have played their part in numerous groups in the area as well, with Paul playing for Sodbury Rigby for many years and Wendy being a part of drama group Sodbury Players since the 1960's.

The pair have both served as mayor and chair of the council, Paul was chair when the plans for the Waitrose store in Sodbury was submitted.

Wendy was the Mayor that then opened the store years later.

“Being a Mayor is really rewarding and we were always proud to be it,” Wendy continued.

“You meet so many people and the looks you get from the children is really amazing.

“We will miss a lot of people that we have become good friends with, we will miss them all.”

“We have got on well with everyone and we have all worked together as a community on the council.” Paul continued.

“As a council we always put politics to one side and we hope that goes on because it is all about helping others.

“We just think it’s the right time, we will miss it but are looking forward to enjoying some time away in the Lake District.”