A BARBER from Chipping Sodbury was given a brilliant opportunity to cut the hair of a popular rock band before one of their big gigs.

Joe Campbell, owner and hairdresser at Barber Joe’s in Hatherell’s Yard on the High Street, made the journey to Birmingham last week after being asked to cut their hair of The Hunna before one of their performances.

“One of my clients, Tom Campbell is their lighting designer,” Joe explained.

“He presented the opportunity to them and me and then he arranged everything, it was amazing to see his work and how talented he is.

“Me and my wife Laura arrived and I got set up in one of the dressing rooms, I did various band members hair including the support act Barns Courtney.”

“Everyone was absolutely lovely to us both.”

The Hunna have a number of popular songs, including: You & Me, NY To LA and Babe Can I Call.

They were about to play a gig at the 02 Institute in Birmingham, on April 10, when Joe stepped in to provide them with some last minute styling.

“Their track ‘NY To LA’ brought them to my attention around a year ago and I have followed them ever since.

“I think ‘She’s Casual’ is one of my other favourites.”

Joe was then given the chance to watch the band’s performance from special VIP seats and he was impressed by what he saw.

“They were so passionate and energetic on stage,” he continued.

“They smashed it and had a really great presence.”

Barber Joe is no newcomer to cutting the hair of famous faces, but he admitted that this was a great opportunity.

“Lorraine Kelly’s Fashion Expert on her show, Mark Heyes is a regular client of mine and he is on TV a lot,” Joe said.

“They are probably of similar fame with him, but they are fairly different demographics that will know who they are.”

Joe admitted that it was a great experience and something he could do again at some point.

“You don’t really get hairdressers that go round on tour with bands, but it would definitely be really cool to do more stuff with them, or any other bands in the future,” he said.

“It was pretty surreal meeting guys who you have watched a lot online but they were all so normal and friendly.

“Then getting to watch the gig and see your work on stage was also absolutely amazing as well so I am so grateful to Tom for sorting it.”