There is a lot of debate at the moment about elites and their influence. But the elites are not all the same.

Some of their members are socially compassionate, they support the NHS (some even use it) and social services that actually meet people's needs. They welcome state intervention to reduce inequality and are prepared to pay tax to support this and other services.

Other elite members want to reduce the role of the state, with little control of competition or how markets operate. They advocate minimal social provision - just a bare safety net of services. They might well profit from these services being privatised which is why they argue for this because of the ''need'' to lower taxes.

The first group looks to West European states for models. Most Remainers are here. The second group, generally supporting Brexit, looks to USA.

No wonder Brexiters are reluctant to give details about what post-Brexit Britain will be like, and prefer to rely on slogans.

Which group do you trust most with Britain's future?

John Roberts