A number of residents were left angry in Yate at the weekend as a number of fireworks were let off as part of a Easter celebration at a church.

On Saturday evening, members of Yate Parish Church came together for their annual Easter celebration.

However, after setting off a number of fireworks as part of the special service outside St Mary's Church, the group were targeted for criticism.

A number of people expressed their disappointment, on social media, that there was no warning before the fireworks were set off on the day.

Now, the Rector of the Parish Church, the Rev Ian Wallace has sent a letter to a number of nearby homes.

In the letter he apologises for the fireworks, but doesn't take responsibility for the two loud 'thunder crackers' that followed the fireworks.

"I am writing to apologise for the upset caused by the fireworks that were let off in the churchyard on Saturday evening," he said.

"We should have been more aware of the impact on residents and I recognise that we made a mistake and should have provided ample prior warning.

"I am deeply sorry for the concern that was caused.

"There are one or two matter about Saturday's incident that remain a mystery.

"The event in which it occurred is designed for young people and their families; it has been run by my team successfully for several years and has always included fireworks.

"This year's team assure me they were not responsible for the two thunder crackers that exploded after our fireworks ended.

"We recognise that our fireworks probably became the trigger for what followed (and regret that fact) but we were not responsible for the very loud explosions that occurred."

An apology was also issued after a response on social media from group was dubbed 'rude' and 'disrespectful'.

"I also wish to apologise for the apparent response that appeared on our Facebook page that was ill-considered and completely inappropriate," he continued.

"I have still not been able to track down who made that response, but it was not an official or sanctioned response.

"I can only express regret that this response appeared, however fleetingly."