Travellers that ‘intruded’ on a village green have now been moved on, leaving behind a number of questions for residents and the local parish council.

Last Thursday, a group set up camp on Iron Acton’s Village Green at around 3pm. 

On the day, Iron Acton parish council released a statement confirming that they had contacted police regarding the ‘intrusion’. 

In a statement they said: “The parish council is aware of the intrusion on the village green by the travellers which occurred at approx 3pm today.

“As it stands the Clerk has informed the police who will now monitor the situation and have requested that any criminal acts or threatening behaviour should be reported to the police direct.

“The Clerk, Councillors Chapman and Edmonds have had a verbal conversation with an elderly member of the group and they have advised they will keep the green clean by using rubbish sacks and they would be moving on to Weston Super Mare within a few days.

“Please be assured that the due process has been followed and further updates when available will be posted accordingly.”

Now though, five days after their arrival they have left the green after being given notice to leave at midday on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the parish council said to the Gazette: “The clean up is underway after they left the green.

“It is frustrating as our hands at the council are tied. 

“They have their own rights and there is not an awful lot we can do apart from follow the due procedures.”

The council will also now look at re-opening a consultation that would look at boundaries around the green in the future.

“We will take another look at the consultation about whether residents would be in favour of fencing or other boundaries to ensure this does not happen again,” they said.

“We had a consiltation last year and the majority of residents involved revealed they wanted the area left open.”

There is an annual general meeting for the parish council scheduled for Thursday, with residents expected to debate the topic. 

Yesterday, there was an update that confirmed four welfare visits from South Gloucestershire Council had taken place.

In another post on the Iron Acton Village Facebook page, a statement said: “To advise over the bank holiday weekend four welfare visits have taken place and black bags have been provided to minimise the litter on The Green. The police have also made regular visits and have informed the council accordingly.

“This morning Street Care have been scheduled to remove the first batch of litter and bags and clean the area, a final clear up will be carried out once the area is clear of caravans.

“The procedure to prepare a notice to leave is underway and this should be issued this afternoon. Once the order has been handed over the final stage of court proceeding and bailiffs will begin to evict the travellers.”