CHANGES could be made to improve the safety of a ‘dangerous’ road in Old Sodbury.

South Gloucestershire Council could spend some of a £35million roads safety fund on Badminton Road (A432), which runs through the centre of Old Sodbury.

There have long been concerns with the road’s speed limits, with some believing that the whole road should be made a 30mph zone.

Some residents have also expressed their concern that within the 30mph zone, there is a section of the road that splits into two lanes, which encourages people to speed.

“When you get past The Dog pub it is a problem,” said Jon Maidment, a resident in the area who uses the road frequently.

“The overtaking lane needs to be taken out because it encourages people to use excessive speed so they can get around bigger vehicles on the road.”

The issue was raised at a recent Sodbury Town Council meeting by a Speedwatch Group and now SGC has confirmed that it will consider action.

South Gloucestershire councillor Rob Creer revealed that the problems with the road were first raised with him as an issue last year.

“Old Sodbury residents first raised their concerns over speeding through the village with me last July at the Community Engagement Forum,” he said. “Since then I have been putting pressure on South Gloucestershire Council to tackle this issue as well as considering a pedestrian crossing for Old Sodbury.

“Through this campaigning I can report back that the Old Sodbury Speed Reduction Scheme has been selected for investigation as part the council’s £35million investment in our roads, which also includes major resurfacing work on the Badminton Road A432 through the village.”