A FAMILY in a council house in Dursley claim they have been "completely failed" over a long-running water leak and damp problem – with the dad saying the mould gave him a serious chest infection that put him in hospital.

Lee Thomas and Kathy Smith and her two children aged 16 and 13 say their house in Maple Close has been plagued by leaks, damp and mould for the past 12 months.

Kitchen assistant Ms Smith, 48, who has lived there for 17 years, told the Gazette: "Recently our next door neighbours were moved out of their home because of a similar issue."

Coach driver Mr Thomas, 43, added: "When we get heavy rain and really bad weather water comes up through the floor and starts going up through the walls.

"It has been an issue for the past year and it just keeps getting worse and worse."

Within that year Mr Thomas has had a health scare, with a spell in hospital because of a severe chest infection.

"I was rushed to hospital because they thought I was having a serious heart attack," he said.

"Later, after some tests, they found that I had a really serious chest infection because some mould spores had entered my lungs.

"It is obviously not safe and the council are not doing enough to sort it out."

Mr Thomas explained that numerous representatives from Stroud District Council have been to inspect the house but not a lot has happened since.

"We are throwing away clothing that is getting wrecked, it is even ruining some of our furniture now," Mr Thomas explained.

"We have spent a lot of money and a lot of time redecorating but not a lot seems to be happening.

"We want them to look at moving us out or for them to come and fix the problem because it just keeps getting worse."

A council spokesman said: “Unfortunately we are unable to comment on individual cases, however Stroud District Council takes issues around damp and mould very seriously and works with tenants to deal with any problems which may arise.”