The Chair of Sodbury Town Council has written a strong letter regarding the upcoming elections.

Cllr Philip Rumney said: "With Parish and District elections coming soon I am saddened when reading some of the Political Party Comics posted through my door.

"As the Independent Chairman of Sodbury Town Council for the last two years we as a group of unpaid councillors have all worked hard to keep the area running smoothly as possible on a very little budget.

"The 'politicians' on South Glos Council have voted to shut our library and public toilets and as the local town council we have rescued these facilities with the help of wonderful volunteers.

"There is strong criticism of Sodbury Town Trust who are trying to build a much needed community sports hall for the town and are raising funds by selling off the road frontage of a field next to the quarry that is of no use for playing pitches.

"The Charity Commission have given the scheme their blessing as a good use of resources and saving local tax payers millions.

"So please all you budding politicians, stop taking the credit for things you have not had any thing to do with and stop blaming the 'other party' for things that didn't happen'.

"Things happen if we all work together."