The Conservatives maintained their majority at South Gloucestershire Council but suffered some key losses as a Liberal Democrat resurgence made for a shocking election night. 

Elections this year were always going to be hotly contested after the recent changes to the boundaries across the district, but the Tories were left to rue the loss of some big figures. The most notable being Chipping Sodbury's Cabinet Member for corporate resources Rob Creer who lost his seat by 12 votes.

Liberal Democrats were able to make gains on their position in the last election in 2015, taking 17 seats of the possible 61 on offer.

It represented a successful night for the party, but was not enough for them and Labour to regain control of the council. 

There may have been some concerns over the Lib Dems future in the area after key council members like Sue Walker and Linda Boon stepped away from their wards after decades, however early wins in Yate Central for new candidate John Gawn and Ben Nutland in Yate North soon put those fears to bed.

The party then continued to pick up seats throughout Thornbury and Yate wards, with former council leader Matthew Riddle and Keith Burchell retaining their seats in Severn Vale for the Conservatives.

Liberal Democrat Council Leader Claire Young was able to win election in her Frampton Cotterell Ward after receiving over 2000 votes.

The biggest shock of the night came right at the bitter end though, when cabinet member Rob Creer was toppled by just 12 votes, receiving 1527 but being pipped by Lib Dems Adrian Rush with 1556 and Patricia Trull with 1539.

After numerous recounts that extended the night well past 4am it was finally revealed that the Tory had been ousted by just a dozen votes.

It was a major blow for the Conservatives, with one senior Liberal Democrat stating the massive impact of 'removing a key cog in the Tory machine at the council', Cllr Marian Gilpin also lost her position after missing out in the Frampton Cotterell Ward.

On Facebook, Rob Creer posted a tribute to all those that supported him. 

"The count for the ward has been completed and Becky and I were not successful in what was an exceptionally close result.

"We’d like to thank everyone who leant their support to us it really means a lot.

"For me personally it has been a pleasure to serve as the Councillor for Chipping Sodbury over the last 4 years, working hard for residents and our beautiful area and as a cabinet member. Thank you."

Conservatives maintained their strong presence elsewhere across South Gloucestershire, meaning the final make-up of the council after the elections was Conservative - 33, Liberal Democrats - 17, Labour - 11.

 A full round-up of the winners will be posted online on Friday.