Witnesses and residents in Yate heard 'loud-banging noises' like fireworks after a huge car fire broke out earlier. 

A Ford Mondeo caught on fire at around 1.45pm on Kennedy Way Road in Yate. 

The incident took place right next to the Lidl entrance, with the road being closed by emergency services.

Huge flames could be seen after the car caught alight 'within seconds'. 

There is no official confirmation on what caused the fire as yet, but the driver was forced to exit the vehicle quickly. 

One fire engine was in attendance and closed the road. 

One witness at the scene said: "We saw the car catch on fire from the back end. 

"There were loud bangs and popping from the back of the car, almost like fireworks or magnesium.

"We saw the driver run away and then the fire engine arrived."

It is not believed that anyone has been hurt in the incident.

Video from Lucy Taylor.

More details soon.