“I try to help people not to feel as bad as I did when I was ill.”

That’s what Edie Layfield said when, aged 8, she won the Child of the Year award.

Diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease at the age of four, she had to endure years of medical treatment, as well as a kidney transplant two years ago.

But throughout her challenging childhood Edie has always been committed to helping others.

Last year she involved her whole school in a project to rebuild a boat park after it burned down.

She used her time in hospital to draw pictures that were made into postcards, tote bags and prints to raise money for Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal for Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, Cirencester College student Toby Jones won last year’s Spirit of Youth award.

Toby overcame some physical difficulties and challenges with his fine motor skills to devote his time to helping others.

His commitment, dedication and positive attitude led to him being made a student ambassador, representing the college at events.

Additionally, Toby works as a volunteer at Battledown Centre for Children and Families in Cheltenham, where he was previously a student.