A PUB landlady is celebrating after winning an unusual eating competition for the fifth year in a row.

Frampton-on-Severn hosted its fifth Elver Eating World Championships this afternoon, and Jess O’Gorman, who runs village pub, the Three Horse Shoes, took the women's title again.

Watch the competitors battle it out here:

The annual competition was brought back to Frampton in May 2015 after an absence of over four decades.

For four years now, Jess has won the women's category, following in the footsteps of her dad, who won it in 1974.

Jess wins:

Elvers are now a protected species, so the organisers provided the contestants with a man-made type of sustainable elver, re-named 'el-vers'.

The 'el-vers' are made in Spain from fish formed into the two-inch long 'eel-like' shapes and cooked in oil and garlic.

People taking part are challenged to eat a plateful in the fastest time - one pound for men and half a pound for women.

The annual event took place on the village green, known for being the longest of its kind in England.

Once regarded as a cheap and favourite with the locals, elver eels put Frampton on the map, with the village named as the home of elver fishing.

However, following a huge decline in their numbers since the 1970s, the annual elver eating competition had to be cancelled.