A YOUNG man says he is ‘worried for his safety’ after a gang broke into his home, wrecked the flat and destroyed his belongings.

Dion Kear, 26, was away with his family last week when a group of around 15 people broke into his groundfloor flat in Usk Court, Thornbury.

They destroyed furniture, his TV, his new kitchen and his bedroom.

Dion says he doesn’t know who the vandals were or why they targeted him.

They also pulled all of the plug sockets out of the walls and ripped lights out of the ceilings.

“From the marks on the wall it looks like they tried to set fire to the flat,” Dion said. “My neighbour is a pregnant woman so that is ridiculously dangerous.

“My neighbour messaged me and said that she could hear banging on the night, but I didn’t think much of it, to be honest.

“Only when I got back the next day did I see the damage.”

Dion says he’s now too scared to remain at the flat and has moved out, staying with friends.

His mum, Marie Hudd, accused the housing association which manages the flat, Bromford, of threatening to take Dion to court unless he returns to the damaged property.

“A Bromford representative said that Dion needs to move back in or they will take him to court for abandonment,” she told the Gazette.

“It is absolutely horrendous – the police know that it is a group of youths.

“He will not be moving back in there, it is not safe for him.

“We have tried to compromise but there doesn’t seem to be anything from them (Bromford) at all.

“Nobody could live there and we hope that there is something that can be done.”

Bromford’s head of locality Jo Fieldhouse said the housing association would carry out repairs once Dion has cleaned up the flat.

“This has clearly been a traumatic experience for Mr Kear and we have met with him and his family several times to discuss his situation since he reported the damage to us,” she said.

“We have changed the locks on the front and back doors to secure his home and we will carry out the other repairs once the property has been cleared up by Mr Kear.”