A FRUSTRATED resident has spoken to the Gazette about ‘huge problems with anti-social behaviour’ at the derelict site of the Newport Towers Hotel.

Liz Davey, 42, has lived in Chapel Hill opposite the old hotel for over three decades.

She has revealed that a number of residents on her road are growing increasingly concerned because of a reported increase in anti-social behaviour.

“We are completely fed up of the site now,” she said.

“There is a constant stream of young people at the site now and they play music, smoke and swear.

“It is causing a lot of problems because we don’t want to be around that.”

The site has been derelict since the closure of the hotel in 2007, with planning permission for housing and small shop being approved in 2017.

All applications for the site are believed to have been submitted by developer Howard Tenens.

On April 16, there was a suspected arson attack on the hotel, with police confirming that they are investigating the fire.

“We just want to see it pulled down now, it is a real eye-sore,” Liz continued.

“It is just one thing after another with it.

“We all want it to be developed so why don’t they just get on and do it.

“If we get a new development, great. Something has to happen.

“I know a lot of people that will support the development because at the moment it is not a nice place to be around.”

Over the last six months several incidents have been reported to police.

Howard Tenens was contacted for a statement but was not able to comment by the time the Gazette went to print.