Have your socks been going missing recently? This might be the reason why.

A Thornbury cat has been stealing socks belonging to nearby residents.

Rosie, who lives in Frome Court with her owner Natalie Burgess, is regularly taking socks when neighbours put their washing out.

Natalie, 35, took Rosie in as a pregnant stray nearly two years ago. She owns seven cats including Rosie's two daughters.

She said: "I did all the usual checks to see if she was owned, she wasn’t.

"I knew she would be trouble as she was quite a confident cat mixing with my other cats the first day.

"The socknapping actually started last year on and off obviously when the weather warmed a bit and the neighbours started putting out their washing.

This year she’s gone a step up and steals two or three socks at a time, they are children’s socks that she takes, and will only take one half of the pair.

"I had four one morning awaiting me at the back door, its what she spends her nights doing when she’s out for the night.

"The nights I don’t allow her to go out she will watch me or my son walk in the kitchen eyeing up our feet and attack them growling at the same time, its her way of telling me off for not allowing her out."

"She’s such a character and very loving,also very feisty. She really is a cutie though!"