The Sodbury Slog is one of the most popular annual events in Sodbury’s calendar - but plenty of people were left angry after experiencing huge issues with the ticketing website.

Tickets officially went on sale for £25 at 10am on Monday, however the site crashed within minutes.

The event then received criticism on their Facebook page whilst trying to provide an update on the situation.

When the website was back up and running people were left not able to get tickets, despite some trying for over 2 hours.

Some were able to get through and others said that payment had been taken but their place not secured.

The Sodbury Slog posted an update on their Facebook page, after the race had sold out.

“On behalf of Bitton Road Runners & DB-Max we would like to apologise for any inconvenience the on-line entry process caused.

“Race Nation as our entry provider are on stand-by to resolve any outstanding issues. This includes where you have made multiple entries/payments and where your application failed to complete.

“Only they have the access to resolve the entry issues.

Slog Director Steve Herring spoke to the Gazette and issued an apology to users that suffered issues: “I would like to apologise personally and on behalf of Bitton Road Runners for the inconvenience this caused.

“Alternative entry options are being considered for 2020 when the Slog celebrates its 30th birthday.

“Race Nation are still working to resolve issues and they can be contacted on over any issues.

“Bitton Road Runners would like to thank those entrants that helped raise over £700 for charity at the time of entry.”