A legendary paramedic has decided to retire after fifty years serving the community in Gloucestershire.

Mike Merrett, of South Western Ambulance Service team in Stroud, is also known as 'Magic Mike' by patients for his heroics over the years.

He will celebrate his career with colleagues and former patients, including Mandy Palk who he savedafter her heart stopped in front of him, at an event on Thursday.

He was just 20 years old when he started working as an ambulance driving attendant back in 1969.

Upon retiring and his long time in the job, Mike said: "I just love the job, it is the best job in the world (apart from being a Top Gear presenter).

"I’ve enjoyed seeing the people I’ve treated who have survived traumatic injuries walking around.

"Saving people’s lives really has got job satisfaction.

Mike’s colleagues at South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust have described him as 'an inspiration and a 'much loved' member of the team who inspired all around him.