A MOTHER and daughter team say they are ‘still determined’ to raise money for an ME charity despite the disappointment of receiving just £8 in donations in five hours at a shopping centre.

Liz and Helen Wood have regularly run fundraisers for the ME Association and spent their Saturday with a stall at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, trying to inform people about the condition.

Helen, 29, has ME, a condition where sufferers can feel extremely tired and unwell on a daily basis.

Last year the pair collected £75 from generous donations, however this time around they were not as successful.

“It was a particularly bad day fundraising on Saturday despite the fact we were raising awareness of ME,” Liz said.

“Last year it was £75, this year it was a pathetic £8.31p.

“People just didn’t seem to be interested at all, really.

“One person came up to us whose daughter had only just, in the last few weeks, been diagnosed with ME, aged 15, but she also has Asperger’s. She and another person took a leaflet each, but that was it.

“This year has been the least interest we have had in the 10 years since we have been doing this collection, but we are determined to carry on raising awareness of ME.

“We will do what ever it takes for people to be educated.

“We really do need to push this issue considering Helen has had it for 20 years. If we can help any other sufferers to understand ME then that would be good.”

Liz believes many people do not take ME seriously as it is not a visible condition.

“We feel that just because Helen looks fine, she is judged,” Liz said. “When we are parked in a disabled parking space or parked on double yellow lines in Thornbury. people question it. ME is invisible.”