Councillors on South Gloucestershire Council will press ahead with plans to implement a park and ride in Yate.

In the build-up to the elections earlier this month, the Conservatives in South Glos pledge to take another look at plans for a Yate park and rise bus service if they maintained control of the council.

Supported by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), the council applied for £2.5 million of funding to begin works on the popular scheme that was initially scrapped in 2007.

The Park and Ride would help to improve links around the town, whilst also providing bus connections to Bristol and the rest of South Gloucestershire.

Local MP Luke Hall said; “With the Conservatives retaining the Council, I will be working alongside them to deliver on positive plan that the Conservatives put forward during the local elections.

"I am pleased that this fresh administration will be provided a renewed new focus on our town and on transport projects such as a Park and Ride."

Councillor Toby Savage echoed the thoughts of Mr Hall, stating they will press ahead with the plans.

“Our new administration will deliver for our towns, and ensure that we working for every part of South Glos.

"We will be making more progress, working with colleagues and through WECA."