A speed camera near Almondsbury issued nearly 4,000 fines last year.

The camera between junctions 20 and 19 on the M4 eastbound was the most active in South Gloucestershire last year, resulting in more than 12,300 tickets.

It has detected more speeding offences than any other camera in South Gloucestershire for three out of the last four years.

Fixed penalties were handed out to 3,947 drivers.

This was double the number of the next most active camera in the region, between junctions 17 and 16 on the M5 northbound.

The data describing which cameras detected the most speeding offences in 2018/19 was provided by Avon and Somerset Police in response to a Freedom of Information request.

The minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine plus three penalty points added to the offender’s licence, but not all offences are dealt with by way of a fine.

Anyone caught doing up to 9mph over the speed limit can opt to go on a speed awareness course instead.

Those accused of going up to 20mph over the limit can challenge the ticket in court and those caught going even faster must attend a court hearing.