DRIVEN by a passion to help motorists lower emissions and save money on the cost of driving, Stroud-based husband and wife team Caroline and Jim Clennell established remapping company Miles Better.

Put simply, remapping is when the settings on a car’s engine are altered to improve performance.

The couple have already built a strong reputation for minor car body repairs with their franchise of ChipsAway, which they wanted to build on,with a business of their own. 

Their workshop on the Ryeford Industrial estate now doubles up as a home for both businesses.  

Caroline says remapping offers a quick, easy and safe way for those who run diesel vehicles to gain up to 15 per cent savings on fuel. 

Although known polluters, diesel vehicles are often preferred by companies with high business mileage - they last longer and are still cheaper to run, despite the ever increasing taxes.       

Caroline said: “I recently spoke to a business which spends £1,000 per month on fuel per vehicle. They had a modest fleet of five diesel cars. If all five cars were remapped, it would provide a saving of £750 per month, meaning the cost of the remap would be recovered in a matter of weeks. As an added bonus, emissions would be lowered too.”

There are a handful of tuning companies offering remaps for cars but Miles Better is one of the few to focus on lowering costs and emissions, rather than performance tuning - although they do that too. 

Caroline says they really want to get away from the negative image of tuning and remapping being just for boy-racers. 

Technology, she says, has moved on, and it has evolved into a common-sense way for businesses and individuals to save money and be better for the environment.

Technology used has been tried and tested on 24,000 BT vehicles, so they are confident it works. 

Growth Hubs in Cirencester and Gloucester are backing the business with their support, and the business is already talking to local fleet managers about how they can work with them.