AN ANGRY motorist, who was fined by the council for ‘pulling on to my own driveway’, has revealed his delight that it has now been cancelled.

Martin Pomphrey, aged 56, has lived on Badminton Road Yate, with his wife Rebecca for decades, just metres away from the South Gloucestershire Council offices.

On April 2 he received a fine from the council with evidence being provided of his car parked in a bus stop.

The problem was, the bus stop is right outside his house and he needs to cross it to get on to his driveway. “When I came down Badminton Road I saw that there was a rubbish truck in the bus stop collecting the recycling.

“I couldn’t get past on to my own drive and so pulled in behind the truck to let the traffic behind me past.”

When Mr Pomphrey, a tinsmith at GKN for 14 years, was in the bus stop he believes a council van drove past and took a picture of him, he later received a fine.

“We can see the council offices from our house, but when we went to appeal the fine nobody would talk to us about it,” he said.

“They sent the fine to the same place that they had taken the picture so it all felt a bit silly really.”

“The main thing was that it seemed like a waste of time and money.

“We can’t be the only people this has happened to out there.

“We think the bus stop is really important, it is a great service and have no problems with it being outside of our house but I just couldn’t believe we had a fine.

After submitting an appeal the council decided to cancel the fine, something Mr Pomphrey said he was ‘relieved’ by.

“I am pleased that the council has seen fit to dismiss this ridiculous situation,” he said.

“Common sense has prevailed.”