A Dursley family have thanked the public for their support as they campaign for their family member that suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

Martin Morrison, 30, has a chromosome disorder called Angelman syndrome.

It is a genetic disorder that mainly affects the nervous system.

He lives with his father, David Morrison, Mum Lesley, his younger sister Paige, and Brother in Law Ryan Laszlo.

Martin’s other sister, Sian Tyers lives near the family in Dursley.

All family members play their part in providing around the clock care for Martin.

“Martin is a very happy, and bubbly young man, he loves going into town to people watch and he loves going on the bucket swings in the parks,” his sister Paige said.

“He is a joy and we feel very lucky to say he is our button, he keeps everything together when times get tough.

“Martin can light up a whole room with his smile and cheeky laugh, and his mischievous ways.”

“Martin likes to have a very structured routine and associates things with people, such as when he stays at his respite centre he knows he’s there to have some time away and cause mischief.”

The family have taken good care of Martin but recently his health has declined with a number of seizures meaning he needed to spend a period in intensive care.

These seizures have caused problems with Martin’s mobility and posture and a Gofundme page has now been set up to help his family pay for a new wheelchair to support him.

“We feel a better wheelchair will make a massive improvement to his quality of life,” Paige continued.

“Martin’s physio has told us that it is not safe for him to attend his classes with his current wheelchair.

“The waiting list for an NHS wheelchair could be six months or longer, Martin would be bed bound for all that time.”

Martin is still in intensive care but a fund has been started online and a local shop has started a cash collection for his new wheelchair.

“We appreciate all the support we have received so far it really does mean a lot to us, we have been overwhelmed,” Paige continued.

“The Tuckshop Dursley’ is collecting for those who don’t do online and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated so far and for future donations.”

To donate online click here.