Students at a secondary school in Yate are looking forward to competing in the national finals of a very interesting sport.

Pupils from Brimsham Green School’s table cricket team have excelled this year, with an opportunity of a national title now within their grasp.

Earlier in 2019, a group of students won a county tournament at UWE, before going on to win a regional tournament in late April.

Now the team will travel to the home of English cricket, Lord’s, to play in the national tournament.

Table cricket is very similar to normal cricket, but it gives an opportunity for people with disabilities to play.

It is played on a table tennis table with boundaries and fielders.

One person bats against the other team’s bowlers and fielders, in what is effectively cricket on a much smaller scale.

“It is great because a lot of my friends play it,” said Charlie Noble, a year 8 student.

“A lot of people can do it and we are really grateful to the school and staff because they encourage us.

“They take time out of their day to allow us to play and we really appreciate it.”

Another student, Kaitlyn Parfrey is a wheelchair user and has been playing table cricket for over six years.

“It has helped me to develop confidence and it is a really fun experience playing and being part of a team that represents the school,” she said.

Another wheelchair user, Alisha Craigie, said: “We think we can win, no matter what disability, anyone can play.

“We really like having the chance to represent the school.”

Ms Liza Wilby, a member of staff at Brimsham involved with the team, said: “Table cricket means so much to our pupils because it gives them a competitive sport that they can excel in.

“Through competing at the county and regional tournaments they have met so many different people and it has made them see what an amazing sport it is.”

It is not the only successful team at the school, with Kaitlyn and Alisha winning national titles and trophies for their top-class officiating at the national boccia final.

The team make the trip to Lord’s on June 7, hoping to become national table cricket champions.