Travellers who ‘intruded’ on the village green in Iron Acton have now vacated the site.

Iron Acton Parish Council reported that there had been an ‘intrusion’ on the green on May 28.

The parish council then notified police and South Gloucestershire Council about the incident.

Now, nearly a week on from their arrival, the two caravans have moved on.

It follows on from a similar event in late April where over 20 vehicles arrived on the green.

On that occasion South Gloucestershire Council removed the travellers from the site, but this time was more difficult as certain proceedings cannot begin unless there are more than five vehicles in the area.

South Gloucestershire Council’s travellers team visited the site and after almost a week, the travellers eventually moved on.

The Parish Council had released a statement for residents, saying: “Rest assured the parish council is doing all we can within the process and procedures we need to follow.”

Residents stressed their concern after there was a large amount of rubbish left by the travellers on the previous occasion they were on the green.

This time around there is a lot of waste, including prams, old suitcases and a pool of human waste that has not yet been cleared up.

The intrusion has seen residents once again call for boundaries to be introduced on the green, but last year when the parish council approached residents about this, the overwhelming response was to reject the plans.