David Drew was among those protesting against Donald Trump in London today.

Stroud's MP is one of several to have signed a letter sent to the Prime Minister last year asking her to reconsider the reconsider the 'scope and solemnity' associated with the visit.

The letter asked for Trump not to be invited to any social events during his visit, nor to be allowed him to visit the Queen. It pointed to his attitudes to BAME (black and minority ethnic) American citizens, treatment of women, pronouncements about the religion of Islam and insults aimed at the Mayor of London.

A message posted on David Drew's Facebook account this morning read: "I'm on my way out this morning to join the protests against Trump's visit. I don't believe he should be here on a state visit, and a year ago I wrote to the Prime Minister setting out my reasons why. 

"Quite simply, he has crossed too many lines to deserve this honour.”

David Drew joined the protest for a short time in between his parliamentary meetings after spending the morning chairing a Westminster forum looking at nutrition and food regulation.

Speaking last July he said: “We should value our long relationship with the United States but we should not extend a welcome to a President whose policies have forcibly separated children from their parents at the Mexican border, and have eroded human rights and global efforts to tackle climate change and poverty.”