A popular pre-school is celebrating its 45 anniversary with a big event this weekend.

North Nibley Pre-School has been a key part of the community since 1974 and has seen many generations of children move through the system.

The school, that is a community-based charity, has always been run by volunteers. The parents of the children are usually the ones that have taken on the task.

Some staff have contributed decades of service to the school and are now even seeing their children's children come through the system.

"We think it would be nice to have a celebration that we are still going," said Julie Dyer, Chair of North Nibley Pre-School.

"We welcome children from our village and also we welcome children from local areas and indeed have children from, Berkeley, Wotton and Dursley attend the event on Sunday.

"Our passion is to provide a safe, fun, learning and nurturing environment, this ethos has never changed in 45 years."

The event will be taking place on Sunday, June 9 at the Village Hall between the 1pm and 4pm.