The group of volunteers who help make Dursley look bright and colourful have revealed they are 'devastated' after vandals destroyed a floral display in the town centre.

In the early hours of Sunday morning CCTV from the Dursley Town Council offices showed a group of five people overturn one of the large planters containing a floral display.

The display was placed their by volunteers from Dursley in Bloom ahead of judging for the In Bloom awards next month.

Now though, they have revealed they are 'deeply saddened' by the incident.

“We in Dursley in Bloom are deeply saddened by this act of vandalism by a small group of young people who have been captured on CCTV," said Penny Hyde of the volunteer group.

“We work very hard throughout the year to make the town look attractive to both residents and visitors with our floral displays.

“We are now building up to judging day and hope that residents will help the police in finding out who the culprits are to stop this type of behaviour."