An ENVIRONMENTAL group in Wotton-under-Edge has launched a survey asking residents for their priorities on action for tackling climate change.

The new Community Climate Action Group covers Wotton and surrounding villages and has been launched with the aim of making the area carbon neutral by 2030.

Participants will be asked to choose from eight possible project actions. These include reducing single-use plastic, promoting local food, farming, shops and services, and reducing emissions from transport.

The results will be presented at a meeting on Wednesday, June 26, from 8-9.30 pm, at the Baptist Church, on Rope Walk in Wotton.

Wotton resident and coordinator of the group, Judit Nemeth-Ratfai, said, “Tackling climate change is today’s most pressing global challenge, but on a personal level it can be difficult to know where to start."

The ambition to make the area carbon neutral was inspired by Stroud District Council’s declaration of a ‘climate emergency.

Wotton district councillors Catherine Braun (Green), Ken Tucker and George James (Lib Dem) are supportive of the new group. Cllr Braun said, “There’s an ambitious programme of work to become carbon neutral by 2030. Action is needed at all levels - by councils, national government and internationally. But local action is also essential – it’s the way we can all get involved and contribute to a low carbon future.”

Cllr Tucker added “The Lib Dems are fully behind this ambition to achieve a carbon neutral District by 2030.

"Stroud District Council was the first Council in Europe to achieve carbon neutral accreditation and, with the help of residents and businesses, we need to build on this status across the whole of the District.”

The survey can be completed at It is open until June 24. Anyone interested in joining the group should email