Stroud district residents are being asked to change to the way they present their cardboard waste.

Ensuring that cardboard is folded or cut into pieces the approximate size of the recycling box will have a major impact on the efficiency of the recycling collection.

When very large pieces of cardboard, like flat pack furniture and TV boxes, are loaded into recycling trucks they fill up faster, and have to return to the depot more frequently. The result is that more heavy vehicles are on the road, more fuel is used, and the rounds take longer.

“One of Stroud District Council’s main priorities is to help the community minimise its carbon footprint, adapt to climate change and recycle more,” said Simon Pickering, chair of SDC’s Environment Committee. “Something as simple as cutting down cardboard will have a major impact on the environment and will help us be even better at recycling.”

Excess cardboard that has been cut to size can be left next to the recycling box, or under it. Very large pieces of cardboard that are presented may not be collected, and a note attached asking the householder to cut it down in size for the next collection.

Residents who regularly fill up their recycling box or bag can arrange to collect another free of charge from the council offices at Ebley Mill by emailing or phoning 01453 754424.