A THORNBURY school has set up a new kind of PE lesson to improve the fitness levels of their pupils.

Manorbrook Primary has introduced the Gymrun fitness scheme for Years 3-6.

The lessons combine bodyweight exercises and short periods of running, with the focus on quality of movement and maximising the time children spend moving.

They are based on the principle that children who engage more positively in PE, physical activity and sport will go on to lead happier, healthier and more active lives.

Every child is encouraged to reach five basic fitness outcomes by the age of eleven.

A series of challenges measures their speed, stability, strength, power and stamina.

These include sit ups, running and jumping tests.

Every child then achieves an overall fitness score matching one of eight coloured fitness badges.

The sessions are run in partnership with gymrun.co.uk through Future Stars Coaching.

"There has been a clear improvement in children’s general fitness as well as how they approach a task they find tricky because they see how their hard work can lead to progress," a Year 6 teacher said.

"Since being part of Gymrun, I have gone to being really confident in my favourite sport and enjoy it more," added a boy in Year 6.