As I enter my dotage, childhood memories become stronger and the village fete was always a highlight of the year.

Everyone was without a car and as a bus sick child journeys to Stroud were best avoided.

I could get as far as the Woolpack in Slad without having to ask the driver to stop.

I will spare you any more details.

Life was obviously village based and the fete was a dominant factor.

Mum made cakes, dad grew vegetables, my brothers and I were entered in the fancy dress competition.

I once won a prize by attending in a cardboard box and being known as Mr Chad.

I am still confused about it.

1945 was a fine year as World War Two was coming to an end.

We had VE Day and VJ Day as well.

The Chalford Silver Band, or the one at Chedworth were in constant demand.

Whatever the detail one thing was certain, the entire village seemed to be involved.

The village fete is still with us and there are some superb ones.

A few years ago the best test match bowler of all time was seen bowling on Ampney Crucis cricket ground.

Liz Hurley had opened the fete with graciousness and charm and she was accompanied by the Australian star Shane Warne but of course he was trying to knock down skittles, not take wickets.

In my youth it was always bowling for a pig and sure enough one was penned in near the temporary bowling alley.

I always wondered why anyone would want a squealing pig.

How would they get it home?

Now we have a lively exciting addition to village celebrations.


Nailsworth has just enjoyed its inaugural one, North Nibley promises music, kids’ entertainment, stalls, local beer and food from around the world.

At Withington there is the award winning 2,000 Trees festival.

Every week this newspaper carries exciting news of these events and there is always somewhere exciting to visit.

The general rules have not changed.

They are organised by the local community and it is the community that benefits.

With car ownership now widespread one can always go some distance to visit these attractive events.

They add to the delights of a summer in the Cotswolds.