A LONG established businessman from Coalpit Heath celebrated his 100th birthday with dozens of his friends yesterday, Wednesday.

Around 50 people attended the party for Reg Holbrook at Henry’s Oriental in Chipping Sodbury High Street, two decades after he had celebrated his 80th at the restaurant.

“I celebrated my birthday with Henry in Cranleigh Court 20 years ago and he promised me a free meal,” he joked.

Reg was born on June 26, 1919 in his family home on Alexandra Road, Coalpit Heath.

He was born to parents, Charles and Ann Holbrook.

His mother Ann died when he was just 10-years-old.

He met his future wife Pamela Jeanne in the late 1930’s and they had a son together, Anthony, in 1941.

“I married Pamela in 1955,” Reg explained.

“We were then married for 55 years until she passed away in 2010.

“Unfortunately our son Tony died of a heart attack quite young and so I have been on my own ever since.”

In 1942 Reg joined the Navy after spending around 18-months in the Home Front.

He was in the Navy for four years and received three medals for his service all over the world.

The Defence Medal, Pacific Star and War Medal.

“Considering I am still in one piece I would probably say that it was a great experience.”

After leaving the Navy, Reg was given £36 for his service.

“With that money I bought a van and sold fruit, veg and fish to the village,” Reg recalled.

“I did that for four years and then later on me and my wife started Holbrook Builder Merchants in the village.

“We started the company when all the houses in Yate and Winterbourne were being built.

“We did quite well and then sold it 15 years later.”

In 1961 Reg, who is also now a member at the Yate Probus, was able to buy the house that belonged to his parents.

“I bought it for £1700 and had it for many years until I moved to the Badminton Road where I am now,” he said.

“The area has changed so much, it is a lot busier now.

“I like the area and it will do for the rest of my 20 years.”

When addressing his guests Reg, who has just bought a brand new hybrid Toyota, said: “I’m pleased to see so many here and I’m grateful you all came to celebrate, thank you.”