A mother of a 16-month-old child is 'absolutely fuming' after her daughter was injured by broken glass while playing innocently at Dursley Recreation Ground.

Posting on the Dursley Matters Facebook group, mum of two, Emily Elliott, from Berkeley, said that her family was "enjoying a rare weekend off" when she and her partner decided to take her daughters to the playground.

Unbeknowst to her, smashed pieces of grass lay hidden in the grass alongside the playground area where the young child was playing. 

The 16-month-old suffered cuts all over her knees.

"She was only a few feet away from us crawling on the grass," Emily explained. "We didn’t look away from her for a second."

"You don't expect people, at a children’s play area, to not only leave empty bottles and cans behind, but to deliberately smash the glass and leave that behind too."

Emily expressed dismay at the thoughtless and selfish actions of those who had failed to clean up the glass.

"Why is it down to myself and my partner to put their glass in the bin? It would be helpful for the council to help clean it up too. They need to have more of a presence especially when so many outdoor events are on."

Emily said she was thankful that her daughter had not sustained more serious injuries.

"How would the perpetrators feel if my child had instead put the glass inside her mouth and it had led to internal damage? It doesn't bear thinking about."

Emily has asked for all visitors to the park to take greater care when disposing of their litter.

"It takes far less effort to put your glass and rubbish in the bin than it does to act hard and smash bottles," she said.