IT IS obvious we are in a huge mess as political pygmies squabble and fuss, jostling for power having shown minimal evidence of the ability to use it.

Let us look at what they are fighting for.

Obviously it is for the right to step into Theresa May’s shoes but what does that mean?

The unwise Mrs May squandered a reasonable Tory majority by calling a snap general election.

Now the conservatives do not have a majority in the House of Commons and have been kept going by a dubious alliance with the Irish DUP.

That situation will not change, the successful candidate will inherit this and have to work with it.

I suspect chaos will continue, and Brexit will be delivered from such a base.

Reputations will diminish, I see no one capable of steering us to the sunlit highlands of prosperity.

The many who entered the true leadership chase may have been better advised to play a longer game.

There will be many political casualties in the near future and the two major parties are especially vulnerable.

Opportunists such as Nigel Farage may briefly flourish.

The Liberal Democrats could revive but is there a lasting role for them? The Labour Party badly need a John Smith character to give the current muddled group some substance.

If I was in politics I would keep my powder dry and hope to emerge from the casualty strewn battle field ready to lead.

Looking five traumatic years ahead I suggest Penny Mordaunt or Rory Stewart may emerge as real Tory leaders and wish we will hear very little from Boris Johnson or Michael Gove.

This column is of course speculation but even with the scope that offers no future labour supremo can be named.

Confucius wished for interesting times, how would he describe our present state?

I am sure words like chaos and incompetence would be used.