Members of staff at a secondary school in Thornbury are preparing to strike tomorrow morning.

Educational staff at Castle School will be picketing outside of the school gates tomorrow morning due to unsatisfactory workload, safety and wellbeing.

A post on a public Facebook page for the area highlighted the strike to residents in the area.

Members of the National Education Union will be assembling outside the school from 8am.

More dates have been set aside in the future for further strikes.

"We are committed and experienced members of staff who only want the best for our students and the school," said staff members of the union in an open letter.

"Working in education is a difficult job which we are prepared to take on as long as we are working in a safe and supportive working environment.

"We are taking industrial action because we feel that our views are not being listened to and that we have been left with no other choice.

"Over the last two years, we have raised concerns about behaviour getting out of control, workload increasing with no positive impact on students learning and the lack of regard for staff wellbeing.

"Some progress had been made in some areas but nowhere near enough to keep staff happy and secure.

"The current dispute centres around unmanageable workload for staff.

This impacts on everything that gets done in school. Tired and overworked staff have less time for students in need, less time to plan the best lessons, less time to support other tired and overworked colleagues and next to no time to enrich students’ learning by organising trips and so on.

"We appreciate that cuts to funding have played a part but firmly believe that senior leadership have not taken our concerns seriously enough.

"Year in, year out, CSET has made cuts to all areas of staffing within the school. Middle managers posts have been stripped away, assistant year heads have disappeared and the number of support staff for pupils with special educational needs has halved.

"This has hugely increased workload and staff are just expected to absorb the changes and yet maintain the existing high standards.

"Workload is set to increase again but teachers are already working to capacity.

"The burden of excessive workload will inevitably impact on the learning and outcomes of the children, so we have been forced to take action over this to protect them."

Castle School has said that they are 'unable to provide education to students' on July 9.