Residents in Yate have been left ‘devastated’ after plans for 89 new homes were submitted on a field next to one of the most troublesome roads in the area.

North Road has had issues with speeding and traffic congestion for a long time, with the council taking steps to try and improve safety for students at the primary school there.

Now plans have been submitted for 89 new homes on a field next to the road, angering residents.

A number of homeowners were informed by the council on Friday July 5 that they had until July 24 to submit objections to the housing proposals from Newland Homes. The plans would see number 276 on North Road demolished and replaced with a road that would lead into the new development.

The resident that would be most affected by these plans could well be John King who lives at number 274.

“We are all really upset about it,” he explained. “The amount of traffic on the road now is bad enough, but if this goes ahead then it would be devastating.

“Most residents think it will be awful and my house will become worthless.”

Another resident, self-employed accountant Chas Messenger, said the plans for the homes could force him to move.

“There are a number of reasons why it would be bad for the area,” Chas said. “The field is full of wildlife, there are newts and we get deer as well.

“It is used by all the residents as we have access from our back gardens.

“It also floods in the field quite regularly and so that would cause problems as well.

“That and the traffic it would cause would be very bad.

“We were thinking of moving a couple of years ago and now we may have to look at it again.”

Brian and Lyn Angell, who have lived in their North Road home for 53 years, also oppose the plans. They have put up a board with a picture of the proposals in their front garden.

“It is an area that has plenty of wildlife,” Brian said. “It is going to be very bad, it regularly floods there and traffic on the main road is already awful.

“I put the sign in our front garden to make sure that all our neighbours know about it,” Lyn added.

“We have only got three weeks to make sure that people know about it.”

No one from Newland Homes was available to comment when approached by the Gazette.