A group working to help a Thornbury school is asking for more help following a drop in the number of volunteers.

Castle School Friends have worked on numerous projects over the last year, such as painting the school’s sports hall, and converting an unused patch of land into a science and wildlife garden.

A drop in volunteer numbers means that future projects, like refurbishing the Student Centre - which supports children with mental and physical health problems - will go unfinished unless others step forward.

Thornbury dads Steven Strange and John Amor are leading the call for new volunteers.

Steven said: “I first wanted to get involved after hearing about the issues within the education system. I felt the best way to support this was through CSF and giving up some time to help out.

"It's been great to meet and work alongside fellow parents, the Thornbury in Bloom volunteers and the local community, while improving the school facilities.

"It's always been a positive and rewarding experience and leaves you wishing to do more - so why would you not join in?”

John added: “The Castle School is an amazing place. I went there, as did my wife, so when we saw the request for help to improve our children's learning environment we had to join in.

“It's great bunch of volunteers from individuals to businesses. You do not need to have any specific skills, as everyone is there to support you with whatever help you can offer.

"It's great fun, with tea and cake to keep you going, and you will met some amazing people from all walks of life. So, whoever you are, please come and join us.”

Speaking on behalf of CSF, Caroline Brewser said: “Our volunteers are our greatest asset. With their goodwill and determination to ‘give something back’ we can make a huge difference to the education of Thornbury’s children. "We urgently need to recruit more helpers to work with our loyal regulars. Unless we do this, we won’t be able to do the things that need to be done.”

“Steve and John have each made remarkable contributions, and in our eyes they are heroes. Others do not need to come along as often as they have – just coming for an hour or two occasionally makes a big difference.”

CSF have a DIY Day this Saturday, 13th July from 09.30am-3pe where they hope to work on the Student Centre. The next DIY event is on September 14. If you can help on either of these dates, or at another time, email enquiries@castleschoolfriends.org.