A new initiative to help prevent traffic and parking issues on Chipping Sodbury High Street has been launched.

It has been dubbed the Chipping Sodbury Park & Walk and involves people that work on the busy street enjoying a short hike to work instead of using the limited number of spaces.

The Town Lands Trust have invited all businesses and workers to enjoy free parking at the Ridings Playing Fields.

The aim is to ease the amount of cars on the road and the Town Lands Trust hope it encourages more people to visit the area.

The group said: "Start your working day with a healthy 10 minute walk, plus keeping our High Street and town car park clear for our visitors so they can spend more time in town using our shops and other facilities.

The new initiative was launched on Monday morning and those that used the car park were treated to a complimentary coffee or tea from the visiting Coffee Howes van.

The coffee van will not be there everyday.

The car park will now be open Monday to Friday throughout the week and workers are encouraged to use it by the Town Land's Trust.

Comments on social media were very supportive of the idea, praising organisations for trying to improve parking problems.

The car park will be open from dawn until approximately 9:30pm.