Thornbury and Yate has the lowest smoking rate in the south west.

The constituency, along with Filton and Bradley Stoke as well as Kingswood, has a smoking prevalence rate of 10.6 per cent.

This is well below the national average of 14.7 per cent.

North and South Swindon have the highest rates in the region at 17.7 per cent, while the highest in the UK was Kingston upon Hull North with 26.7 per cent.

Ironically, though, it was cigar-loving Conservative MP Kenneth Clarke's seat - Rushcliffe - which recorded the lowest levels for smoking in the whole of Britain, at 3.6 per cent.

Philip Morris Limited (PML), who carried out the analysis, have created an interactive Unsmoke Constituency Heatmap providing a breakdown of the data by constituency.

Mark MacGregor, external affairs director at PML, said: “These results show the huge variations in smoking levels across the different parts of Britain. We hope that MPs in the South West will use the figures to better target help for smokers locally."

The results are based on information held by the Office for National Statistics.

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