Boris Johnson becomes prime minister tomorrow after winning the Conservative leadership.

The former London mayor beat Jeremy Hunt by 92,153 votes to 46,656.

Siobhan Baillie, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Stroud wrote on Facebook: "I voted for Boris Johnson MP to be the next leader of our party.

"Both candidates promoted a number of key issues that are important to me - social justice, education, reducing taxes, environmental matters, boosting businesses, transport, police, health and welfare.

"Yet on the biggest issue of the day, I believe Boris has the greater vision and confidence to deliver Brexit.

"The extensive coalition of impressive MPs that are backing him from across the spectrum of the party was another strong factor in my decision.

"Boris has also been listening to my campaign for further education.

"He has repeatedly raised the issue of further education, skills and apprenticeships during his leadership bid.

"He understands the value of colleges like SGS Stroud, reskilling, lifelong learning inside and outside of work and the need to have non university options.

"I will, however, continue to keep up the pressure for funding to follow the rhetoric.

"Jeremy Hunt MP has been a great candidate and the contest has been a reminder of the depth of talent in the Conservative party.

"We are lucky that he and Boris have said that they will serve in each other’s government."