A COUNCILLOR in Frampton Cotterell believes that the area has one of the ‘greenest’ parishes in the South West.

Frampton Cotterell Parish Council’s Sue Walters believes that the installation of a new refill water fountain has helped make the area more sustainable.

Cllr Sue Walters spoke to the Gazette and told how huge amounts of litter on fields in the area had prompted the council to take action.

“We were regularly noticing that there was a lot of plastic bottles and rubbish on the fields at the weekend,” Cllr Walters explained.

“This was after the football and rugby matches in the fields.

“The fountain has really helped to improve that, it has encouraged people to use their bottles again and so less rubbish is being left.”

The fountain was officially unveiled in The Park on June 19.

It has three features, one for refilling empty plastic bottles, another drinking station and also a dog bowl for walkers in the fields and parks.

Cllr Walters also confirmed that the council were so impressed by how well the first fountain had gone that they were looking to install more across the area.

“We recently voted at a meeting to install three more fountains,” she continued.

“There are now plans to install a fountain at the Centenary Fields, Brockeridge and in a third location.

“We are doing something to try and raise awareness. We are going to the schools to discuss recycling and re-using with students.

“I think that we are one of the only parish councils to be taking part in the refill revolution.

“We are a very green council and we are always looking at ways of becoming more sustainable.

“The community and businesses are really enthusiastic about it and it is exciting for the future.

“I think the area has definitely benefitted from the fountain, hopefully with more we can become even greener.

The water fountain cost in the region of £3500 to install in Frampton Cotterell.