A LANDMARK plan to rebuild Yate's Tesco supermarket on stilts has been submitted in a planning application to South Gloucestershire Council.

The company wants to replace its existing store in the shopping centre with a two-storey Tesco Extra.

The proposed supermarket would have at least three times more floor space than its predecessor and include car parking underneath.

Shoppers would move between floors using trolley escalators, stairs and lifts.

The proposed store is part of the first phase of the Yate Shopping Centre's 'Vision' masterplan that also includes extending East Walk with four large retail units.

Shopping centre owners Dominion want to modernise the complex and attract more major chains from national retailers.

Tesco and Dominion Trustees have presented the proposals in two different consultations over the 12 months.

Bot consultations have been greeted mostly with enthusiasm from the town's public.

Felix Gummer, Tesco's corporate affairs manager, said there was clear demand for a larger supermarket in the centre of Yate.

He said: "We have undertaken extensive public consultation on the proposals and there has been overwhelming support for a new larger Tesco store offering a wider variety of both food and non-food ranges.

"Last year the store underwent a major refurbishment but our customers are telling us that they still want more choice and a wider selection of goods.

"The area is already restricted in terms of car parking and thus the only alternative we have if we are to satisfy our customers and ensure adequate car parking is to build upwards with car parking at ground level and shopping at the upper level."

Speaking on behalf of Dominion Trustees, agent Gary Hale said: "The public consultation exercises undertaken in connection with the Vision masterplan and, in particular, the first phase have been extremely thorough.

"They have confirmed our thoughts on how the shopping centre should be developed and have given us insight into what the local population would like to see included in future plans."

The planning application also includes new customer toilets in Tesco, a public transport hub for buses, taxis and community buses and more open spaces in the centre.

The application will soon enter a consultation phase where people can log on to South Gloucestershire Council's website and comment on the plans.