After a day watching the Cricket World Cup down in Bristol I needed somewhere to stop for a bite to eat on the way home.

Browsing a list of pubs on the journey back north I was drawn to the Willy Wicket Inn, I can’t imagine why!

I made it just a couple of minutes before the kitchen closed, thank goodness the Aussies hadn’t batted any more slowly than they did.

We hastily ordered, although were not put under any pressure by the staff who were all exceptionally pleasant.

I’m told Vintage Inns, who own the place, have a decent reputation among vegans and they did not let us down.

My dining companion asked if they had a vegan menu and was promptly provided with one.

It seems an obvious solution to save customers from pouring over a menu to find the few things they can eat. I’m yet to find many pubs that offer this however.

The spiced squash coconut curry was enticing but sadly not available so the tagliatelle primavera was ordered instead.

Not having quite so stringent a diet myself, I plumped for the waygu burger.

The menu is all encompassing and includes steaks and stone-baked pizzas as well as the usual pub classics.

The bar also looked well-stocked but, with a bit more driving to do I stuck to a soft drink.

It being a sunny summer’s evening, we sat outside to await our food.

The pub has plenty of outside seating that stretches almost the whole way around the outside of the building.

It’s a lovely place to sit in the sunshine, with the only slight downside being the sound of the traffic on the main road nearby.

The food arrived quickly, helped no doubt by our fortunate timing.

My beef had apparently been specially bred for its ‘unique texture and mouth-watering flavour’.

It was certainly tasty, and well cooked but for £13.25 you would certainly hope so.

The standard burger, nearly £3 cheaper and like the waygu accompanied by chips and onion rings, may have been the better way to go.

The tagliatelle, which came with asparagus, spinach and plenty of other greens, was quickly polished off.

It may not have had quite as much flavour as the curry presumably does but it was nothing a bit of black pepper couldn’t turn into a delicious meal.

With the sun rapidly setting on us we continued home with full stomachs.

Located just a couple of minutes from both the M4 and M32 it is nothing if not convenient and an ideal place to stop off if travelling back to Stroud or Cirencester from Bristol.